"I think earth, if chosen instead of Heaven, will turn out to have been, all along, only a region in Hell: and earth, if put second to Heaven, to have been from the beginning a part of Heaven itself." -CS Lewis, The Great Divorce


Thing #89 - A FREE country

I am a Christian woman fiercely convicted that education will make or break this nation, politicians must focus on bipartisan solutions, economic situations do not fix quickly, and we should worry about the "least of these."  I believe all people deserve the right to have their voice heard regardless of their native tongue or sexual preference. And they should be able to be legally married regardless of what you think YOUR religion has to say about it.  I come from a long line of Democrats on both sides of the family tree; I think like they taught me to think.  I do NOT vote like my husband, and it is not a quiet subterfuge; he knows that I disagree.

And today, I got to vote anyway.  Despite the fact that I declare an allegiance to a God and not a country (true, I won't say the pledge); wear a bra and jewelry to mark my gender; am married while maintaining a job and my own view of the world; and will declare my liberal upbringing to the world - THEY LET ME VOTE.

I am priviledged.  I am lucky.  I am rare in the long view of the world.

We are FREE.
Please, let us behave as though we are.

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