"I think earth, if chosen instead of Heaven, will turn out to have been, all along, only a region in Hell: and earth, if put second to Heaven, to have been from the beginning a part of Heaven itself." -CS Lewis, The Great Divorce


Thing #44: Early Bed Times

I am admittedly a night person. I would much rather stay up late, watch trashy TV, catch the news, and continue to stay awake through more terrible TV or a good book. I like stars and fireworks and late night strolls. I also love to sleep in, generally far past the wake-up hour for real life.

Unfortunately, the real world does not afford me an opportunity to indulge in waking up late every morning (5:30AM, anyone?), so I must readjust my schedule. Often, I putter around until it's late enough that there is no hope for a good night's rest. However, after those rare nights when I manage to climb into bed early and fall into a deep sleep, I wake up refreshed.

So, while an early bed time may not always be desirable, in a world that requires 5:30 alarms, it is certainly something to be happy to enjoy. And tonight, I am off to a sound - and early - slumber.


Thing #43: School Supplies

I find myself in a beginning-of-the-year funk, unlike any I have ever experienced. I simply lack the momentum to begin enthusiastically planning the minutia of school life, from calendars to lessons to bulletin boards. However, I am finding myself excited about one crucial element that gives me hope that the rest will follow. This element? School supplies.

I have mentioned my deep love for school supplies and order in previous entries (let's take a moment to recall the entry devoted to mechanical pencils and the inaugural post about PowerPoint 2007). Still, I have not fully divulged the deeply troubling depths of my interest in school supplies. Let me tell a story.

In 1995, my family moved from rural Nebraska to metropolitan Virginia (ok, not quite accurate on either adjective, but let's continue). When we arrived in Virginia, I had the great privilege of having room for and having been deemed old enough for my OWN desk. Said desk was purchased from Wal-Mart, assembled, and delightfully organized by yours truly. I loved that thing, and I poured over Office Max catalogs, contemplating my next office supply purchase. My brother and I, in fact, begged to visit Office Max so frequently, we were informed it could only be referred to as "OM," and NOT.TO.ASK.ANY.MORE. We still asked. And I still love school supplies as much today as I did then. (Cough. nerd. cough.) Alas, I have my ruler from first grade sitting beside me now, a testament to my obsessive hoarding of all things that belong in a desk.

This year is no different. I have new Sharpies (their own entry, right there), new pens, new paper, new binders, and delightfully organized grade notebooks. Let's not forget the new planner that has been filled in and the lovely little notebooks that my mom gave me yesterday. Ah, colored pens and binders and coordinating colors of handouts...

Yes, this year will improve. If only because I can use school supplies well.