"I think earth, if chosen instead of Heaven, will turn out to have been, all along, only a region in Hell: and earth, if put second to Heaven, to have been from the beginning a part of Heaven itself." -CS Lewis, The Great Divorce


Thing #17: Lime Candy

I was innocently eating my SweetTarts the other day when I realized that the green candies were apple flavored. This has been occurring for quite some time, I understand, but it still strikes me as odd. From childhood, my favorite flavors were purple (grape) and green (lime). But somehow, green began to mean "green apple" and my happiness when eating green candy dissipated.

There are a few candies that hold fast to the original and better flavor, and for those delicious hold outs, I am happy.

Bring back lime-flavored candy!


Thing #16: Freshmen and their hall decorations

The Class of 2013 at Ocean Lakes is truly phenomenal. The faculty and administration can hardly believe that so many freshmen continue to show up to meetings. We even chose an executive board of 19.
Most recently (last Monday, when I should have posted this), they decorated the hall for homecoming week. Their theme was "Aladdin: A Whole New Class," and they did an outstanding job coming in second to the seniors. I'd like to take a moment for you to enjoy their efforts, in particular, this lovely Jasmine and Aladdin on the magic carpet ride that hung from the ceiling all week. I couldn't really imagine what they had in store, but what they accomplished certainly surpassed my expectations. I've also shared the market they created. It's 3D. That's right. Legendary. Just wait until their ring dance and prom. Goodness only knows...

Thing #15: Pear Cider

In college, many of my friends were not "beer people," so on mug night, a night that required they drink a 32 oz mug of something alcoholic, they drank cider. I tried drinking 32 oz of cider once, and it was a terrible idea. The carbonation added to the sugar plus the alcohol was nearly enough to do me in. I never tried again.

Last year, on a particularly enjoyable girl's night at the Leafe, I discovered PEAR cider. This concoction is the same as apple cider, but it tastes exactly like sparkling pear juice...but it's alcoholic. What a delightful combination.

Today at Harris Teeter, there was a display of Woodchuck Draft Pear Cider at the front of the store. I purchased some. Today needed redemption after beginning with an apartment at 59 degrees (though the space heater and dehumidifier have SIGNIFICANTLY improved my predicament, as well as the fact that my warm clothes are now all clean). Regardless, the pear cider was a perfect drink for a day like today. It's almost a fall beverage, and it's delicious. And, in case you missed it, it has 4% alcohol/volume. This is a good thing.



Thing #14: Leftovers

When I lived in Maryland, I didn't cook much. I threw together sandwiches and frozen meals, and sometimes, I put some bag rice in the boiling water and added ranch dressing and cheese when it was done. I was lazy (and I spent a lot of time on the couch and not in the kitchen). Anyway, Trader Joe's and Safeway made plenty of good food so I didn't have to. My waist line paid the price.

Last year, I ate frozen meals like it was part of my job description. Teach class. Take your 2nd block break. At 10 AM, uncover the frozen meal and pop it in the microwave for 5-7 minutes. Let it steam. Eat. It's difficult, too, to claim leftovers when there are two other people who may want to enjoy them. I didn't want to hog the deliciousness that is (or can be) a snack made up of leftovers.

Now, I cook a lot more. And when I cook, I always have a portion to put into a Ziploc container to cart to work with me the next day. When it's lunch time, I take my Ziploc container out of the mini-fridge in the office, slightly pop the lid, and put it in microwave for a maximum of 2 minutes. This leftover routine has several advantages. The first is obvious: I'm cooking my own meals at home, so I eat more healthfully there. The second is the time saved on waiting for the frozen food to heat. Three minutes in a wonderful amount of saved time. The third is that leftovers are delicious, because, who knew, I can cook!

It's the little things (and the comment "Something smells good in here") that really make life grand.