"I think earth, if chosen instead of Heaven, will turn out to have been, all along, only a region in Hell: and earth, if put second to Heaven, to have been from the beginning a part of Heaven itself." -CS Lewis, The Great Divorce


Thing #40: Wedding Dresses

No, I don't have "the" dress picked out. However, I did have a fabulous time trying 6 or 7 of them on this Saturday. There were several that were definitely out - one was just too low (yikes!) and the other weighed about 10 pounds. There was one contender... but I'll leave that out of the blog for privacy's sake.

But here's what's really fun - wedding dresses are awesome to look at, to feel, and to put on. It's okay to be that little girl inside that loves to dress up. There are the sparkles, the flowers, the lace, and the taffeta are all pretty fabulous.

Even better? I get to wear one :-)


Thing #39: Mechanical Pencils

I LOVE office supplies. I am a fan of pens, pencils, and all organizational tools, especially if they come in some array of bright colors.

Today, I have been using an old school pencil that requires a pencil sharpener, and I now realize that I am spoiled by mechanical pencils. The point on this pencil simply becomes dull too quickly. With a mechanical pencil, I am able to write continuously with the mere click of the erasered end. The writing remains uniformly narrow and is legible even after 30 minutes of pencil use. I could never understand why they were not allowed in parts of elementary school and middle school. The no-sharpener-required pencil should be the glimmer of hope in any younger-grade teacher's life (and I have heard this is true from one, not so stingy, 4th grade teacher).

So. There you have it. Mechanical pencils are where it's at, and while old school pencils that require a sharpener may have a certain charm, they are nowhere near the caliber of writing utensil that one finds in the Bic 7mm pencil.

Also, Drew, I will try to write less about the beach and the sun. I think it's the Vitamin D that makes me so "happy" about them...